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[13 Jun 2005|09:28pm]
So wow. I'm home. It's kind of like... surreal. On one hand it's like... it feels like I never left, but at the same time, it feels like i've been gone foreverrrr. I can't really explain it. That's just how it is. Um it was fun. I thought it was gonna be all hard, but not really. I mean... you get up extremely early and crap... and you're like shut off from the world completely.. but it kind of feels good... for me it did anyway. Like... no cell phone going off.. You're like... in a bubble.. away from everything. You don't have to deal with anyone. Except like.. Drill Sergeants, but even they're not bad. I LOOOVVVED my basic training Drill Sergeant. He was awesome. I learned sooo much from him. He was like.... such a father figure to me... And then there was this cute little Drill Sergeant... anddd I had like the biggest crush on him. haha. Drill Sergeant Quinones... :) And then Drill Sergeant Mitchell... he was my favorite. He was hot but only when he had his hat on cause he was balding. And then my AIT Drill Sergeant was even better. He was like 25 and he was just mad chill. Like he'd just chill and bullshit with us or whatever. I had a crush on like... his personality.. but he was really weird looking.. But yeah, the people there are awesome. Especially basic. I made soo many friends in basic. I'm so glad to be home though. It's weird like... i'm not used to it yet. I feel like I have to adjust back to normal life. I'm starting to though. Tonight helped A LOT. I went down to the recruiters... just to say hi, and tell them i'm back, and thenn I ended up hanging out with them tonight. I dunno, it was good to like... be with other people who are in the army, cause they're not constantly asking me questions ABOUT the army. It's just annoying I dunno. Or like they know what i'm talking about when I tell them something about it. Like other people ask you, and it's like... you're not really gonna know what i'm talking about anyway... so um... why ask? So it was cool..... And Corporal White is such a cutie. <3 He has a gf now though... :( :( haha. Just kiddin... kinda..... But yeah, on the way back from SC we went to Va Beach.. and I got sooooooo sunburned holy crap... and then we visited John in Ft. Lee. I think he really hates it there... :-/ and thennnn when I got back, Maria and Natalie came to see me :) :) And they didn't aggravate me at all... haha which was good, cause a lot of people ARE aggravating me... And thennnn today i went to the beach with Carrie, and some other people she knows.... it wasn't all that fun. It was freezing, and not sunny... and her freinds were ok... but i dunno, like when you don't really know the people you're with... you don't have fun sometimes, ya know? So we didn't stay long, cause it was cold... anddd then i went to the recruiters... and chilled with them, and they're friends... who were.... interesting people. That's the only way to describe them... I might hang out with them again tomorrow though, haha. They're supposed to go to Kareoke... I have so much to do tomorrow. I still have'nt called my unit... andddd that's probably important... andddd I still have to get my liscense renewed, anddd reinstate my contract for the gym... anddd.... call about this Job Carrie told me about... anddd I think that's it, but still. That's a lot. Plus I wanna GO to the gym... plus I still have to unpack.... I've been like... going through allll my shit, and throwing so much stuff away, to make room for all my stuff that I need to unpack... I dunno it's crazy, my rooms all torn apart.
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[18 Dec 2004|01:41am]
haha. wow. People should really keep me away from the computer when i'm drunk.
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[13 Nov 2004|02:49am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Toyda duskced

fuckin a. lmao. That's supposed to say. Today sucked. But i'm dyslexic or something. haha. there was more too. I was gonna say... today sucked so much ass.

First I work all day. Then the night just sucked. Priscilla's here, and Craig.................. well Craig's always here. But he's movin out sunday. And all he did was get all pissed off about his "ex" And they kept calling eachother, and Frankie was bein gay. I dunno. John was just funny as always. And cilla was just all depressed cause she was supposed to meet some kid, but I guess he blew her off. I dunno. So no one was bein fun. And then my mom kept coming in. It just sucked.

But hopefully tomorrow will be better. I know it will. Petes coming, and Enrique and Jose might come, and Priscilla's gonna be here, and Craig. So yeah. Cool.

how come it's never fun anymore. Like........ not to talk about last year, but... like last year man. hahaha. I was readin my old journal like last week, and this time last year is when like Junior lived in white house, and Ameris just went back to arizona. Or new mexico or whatever. and i hung out with Junior and country and shit. That was good times.

Or like the day before she left, when we were in there basement playin that game where you bounce the quarter into the shot glass. And country kept tryin to get with me. hahaha. I remember that like it was yesterday.

And then like thanksgiving. That party Mike had. That was the best. hisI miss allll those losers. Except for that random mexican like raping me. lmao not really, but he like grabbed me and started shoving his tongue in my mouth. haha. Now everythings just so blah. It's just the same shit always.

I dunno.

I'm goin to bed. Fuck it.

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[10 Oct 2004|11:44pm]
[ mood | high ]

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG. I had this whole long entry, about the whole weekend, and then I hit the rich text mode thing. And that was fine, cause it was still there but it was all one big paragraph. So I copied it.... or i thought I did, so i could go back to the regular mode and fix it.... but then i went back, anddd hit paste, and it wasn't that at all. So now it's gone. And I'll do it tomorrow or something. haha.

But for a quick recap.

I talked about how I think i'm becoming a pothead.
My weekend was: Hanging out with crackwhore, playing video games soberly at Travis's, Going to the mall with crackwhore, and being REALLY aggravated, Getting really high at Maria's, coming back to my house, Pete and Frankie being all mad for NOOO reason, cause some kid called them a fag, Natalie puking a lot... meeting Crackwhore's friend, that she's "so in love with" And chilling at his garage/house for a while... and driving everyone home.. and going to walmart.

Good times. <3

I'll write about it for real tomorrow or something.

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[09 Oct 2004|03:55pm]

someone save me.

I dunno whyyy i picked her up. I had nothing better to do I guess, andd i dunno. I can put up with her for like a day... and then I just wanna kill her.
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[23 Sep 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

IIIIIIIIIIIIIII should keep my mouth shut. :-/

IIIIIIII have so much laundry and cleaning to do it's not even funny.

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD i'm going running with Jaime tonight. Hopefully for real this time. Cause last night he decided to not answer my calls. I was so mad, and i'm like wow he better have a really good excuse..... And then I saw him today, and he said he "fell asleep" .....not a really good excuse. Oh well, we'll let it go this time...

The hot John and his little girlfriend walked by my work today. They were across the street, but Yeah. Still makes me wanna kill myself sometimes. Not really but... sigh. I just don't get it. Like what makes HER so much better then ME. It drives me nuts. Why does he just use ME for sex, but HERRRR... They've been going out for like.... months. It's ridiculous.

ahem. Sorry. I'll shut up about him.

I'll shut up period actually.

Speaking of periods. Heh. Still don't have mine. That's fucking cool right?


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[21 Sep 2004|10:34pm]
I love compliments. :)
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i was TELLING them yo yo yo [13 Sep 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

haha in my sober update I forgot the best part. haha. The spanish dudes in the van. lmao. That was sooo funny. We're driving there, and it's 2 lanes, and these spanish kids are in a van next to me, and they're all like heyyyyy. I'm like heyyy! What's up! hahaha. Cause they were pretty cute.. lol, And the ones kids like what's your name?? I'm like Danielle. He's like I'm max! He's like let me have your phone number. But I just laugh and drive away. haha. Then like 2 seconds later, crackwhores like pull into this parking lot, this is where James lives. I'm like you're kidding me right? I'm like they are sooooo gonna pull in here after me. And sure enough... cause they probably thought i pulled over for them. Except not at all. But ok. Sooo he's all like i'm max blah. And I was asking where he was from, and he got all weird he's like ...why? I'm like ...just wondering..? He's like middlesex.... i'm like ok.. and when I asked his age he like had to think about it. He's like ....23. So he's probably not 23 but yeah. And i wrote my phone number in eyeliner. haha. It was great.

And I guess he called me last night while I was running with Jaime, and someone answered it he said. I dunno who. Cause then he called me again today, and I told him i'd hang out with him on saturday. hahaha.

Then Crackwhore kept calling James. And after I dropped her off, he called me, and cause she told him I was going running again or whatever. And he's like well what are you doing after. I'm like going home... and going to sleep. And he got like mad, he's like why don't you wanna hang out with me!?!?!? It was scary, i'm like i do.. i do.. just not tonight... I told him friday or saturday..... but I soooo don't want to. And he's like well I really need to talk to you when we hang out. I'm like riiiiight. Maybe i'll just use the excuse that crackwhore likes him. I'll be like well she's my friend and I don't wanna do that to her cause she really likes you.

hahahaha. yeah right.

And guess who else texted me today...



And Jaime was supposed to call me and he didn't, and it makes me kinda sad.

It's alllll good though.



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[29 Jul 2004|03:19pm]
If I knew what to write, I would update.
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[18 Jul 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i have never been so high in my life.

I can't beleive we just smoked 12 bowls in a row.

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Hope, dangles on a string [18 Jul 2004|02:07am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I just noticed that i've been asked out 3 times this week. Ha! Only one like.. counts though.

Even that doesn't count cause it's Glen. lmao. GLEN. The kid who said we "have to be friends" cause I "cheated on him"

He called me the other day all drunk.. and he's asking me if i wanna go on a date with some Greg kid. I'm like no... he's like why not?? I'm like I don't know him..? He's like oh, well you wanna go on a date with me then? I didn't even really think he was like serious. So i'm like no... he's like all right fine bye then. And he hangs up. So then friday I worked with him, and first he's like telling me he had a date that night. I'm like that's great. he's like with a GIRL. I'm like wow really, you sure it's not with a guy? And then he's like what happened on the phone the other night? I was all drunk. I'm like what do you mean? Nothing. He's like what did I say? I'm like I dunno... He's like no, i asked you out, and you said no. I'm like yeah. He's like thanks a lot.... i'm like *shrug* and I walk away. And I was sitting at the table and he sits next to me and he's like do you have a boyfriend now or something, is that why you keep like rejecting me. I'm like nope I don't. He's like oh... are you sure? I'm like yeah... He's like oh....

*awkward silence for like an hour*

He's definitely like just playing games though, and it pisses me off. HEEE pisses me off.

And the other one is that carlos kid. He calls like everyday, so finally i answered the other day. He keeps like asking me to hang out. I'm like we could hang out as friends.... he's like oh... well i'll let you go. And he hasn't called me since, sooo that's good. But I told him where I work and everything so i'm scared. And he knows where i live too.... :-/ He seems like the stalking type. Let's hope not though.

haha and then Crackwhore's puerto rican boyfriend called me a couple times, so i answered that the other day, and it's like 10 minutes after the other kid called. And he's asking me if I wanna like hang out... And i'm like is Jessica with you...? He's like oh no... I lost touch with her a while ago. He's all like but I thought me and YOU could hang out.

I'm like whattttttt. I don't want crackwhores aids infected puerto rican leftovers.

I'm like yeahhhhh maybe......

Then this Kyle kid just drove an hour and a 1/2 from PA to bring me gatorade. And we drove around for like 2 hours talking. And he's like the nicest guy ever. Yet. I don't like him. I like him, but I don't LIKE him.

But yeah. Must be a full moon or something.

I kinda just wanna see that Jamar kid again. I mean I guess that was a one time thing but... meh. lol but I don't have his phone number and he doesn't have mine. Travis has both, but I don't see him helpin me out here. Considering he won't answer when I call, and he blocked me. I might go to his house tomorrow though, because I really need my license and everything. Fucker. I'm so mad, I won't even get started on that.


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[15 Jul 2004|11:15pm]
[ mood | wired ]

I'm sooooo taking a road trip to florida. And anyone who wants to come totally can. So far Natalie wants to go, and Meggaly. Like i'm totally serious, and i'm gonna see if I can get a week off in like soon, and we'll go, and it'll be fun. :)

Cause so far. This summer is sucking some ass. I mean it's ALL RIGHT......

I miss Mike... I miss him living across the street. I miss last summer. I miss sitting on the porch drinking beer. I miss playing beer pong in the basement. I miss filling his living room with smoke from the smoke machine, and turning the music up really loud, and dancing. I miss going to bars, and hanging out with Mikes brother in the parking lot when we couldn't get in. I miss Tony saying bro all the time. I miss Brian and his whip. I miss Roman's hotness. I miss Mike freaking out about the dumbest things. But then also getting so excited about the most random things. I miss getting kicked out of bars. I miss Mikes parties, cause they were the BEST ones. I miss his bed. I miss the Yayo.

DUDE if he was still around we could get coke so easy. I would have looovveddd to try coke with him. But back then I was all ....! coke is bad!

Fuck. I so shoulda tried it back then when I had the chance. It was there, it was free... damnit.

He always used to make me cool drinks too. Cause he had alll kinds of alcohol.

lol and he always like made everyone else drink Natural ice, but he'd be sitting there with like corona's. He let me drink whatever though. Like girls he'd let drink whatever. Or like if he didn't know you that well he was nice to you.

hahaha and he had a bottle of Cristal (sp?) But no one was ever allowed to open that. And everyone was like what is the point??? It just sat there on the little table thing.

lol and Tony always made fun of him cause you weren't allowed to smoke in the house, but then he had the smoke machine... hahaha. And you weren't allowed to wear shoes in the house either.

Omg and his carrrrr. I LOVE HIS CAR. It was a black honda accord, but it was all tinted windows and everything. And it was really low to the ground, and really fast and stuff. And sometimes he'd borrow his moms car, and thattt car was even betterrr. It was an Acuraaa TL.

ohhhh man. That's why I want an acura or a honda cause I like fell in love with those 2 cars. lol.

And I was such a retard, cause he'd always drink and drive, but I got in the car with him anyway. He drove fine tho........ lol.

I'm alive... so it's all good.

I remember one time like we drove up into like Bridgewater and he showed me his house where he grew up, and he was like driving on the wrong side of the road. I'm like omg we're gonna die.

I'm soooo rambling though. wow.

I should be sleeping but I drank this whole iced mocha swirl latte from Dunkin Donuts. Ohhhh man. i'm wired. lol.

My parents might be going camping on Labor Day again. Awwwww last day of summer. Last year was the bessst. But yeah my moms all wellll i dunno if i wanna goooo.. i'm like you should gooo. haha so I got kimmy to like try and convince her. I got kimmy to be like saying she wants to go, but she doesn't wanna go if my mom doesn't go. And she's actually doing it for me. I'm like wow, for once you are awesome.

I want last summmerrr backkkk... :( Like any time I was bored, I could just go hang out at Mikes house. Now that house is all empty and depressing.

I think liiiikeee... the 13th it was a year since I got my belly button peirced. Isn't that nuts? I think so.

This whole entry is so fucking pointless.

That's why I love it.

Oh well.


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one hit wonder [15 Jul 2004|07:36pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Hot steamy pornCollapse )

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that stings a little... [15 Jul 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | horny ]

I got 3rd holes on the bottoms of my ears, cause i'm cool like that. But now my cartilage closed I think cause I haven't put an earring in there for a while, soo i gotta get that again, but I think i'm gonna get the left side this time, cause it's cooler.

Thought you might care to know. :)

Pretty gay though how i'm 20 years old, but my MOM had to sign for me, cause certain people STILL have my license.


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ha! [14 Jul 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Monday I may go to the clinic, and get STD tested. WOOOOO. It's gonna be a fuckin great time. It doesn't burn when I pee or anything, but I figure it's the adult, mature, responsible thing to do. Although i'm not adult, mature OR responsible... But Natalie's gotta go down there anyway... so we're gonna go together, and bond.

Dysfunctional. <3

I'm afraid. I'm scared they're gonna be like sorry, you have aids.


I'm a whore.

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you're an inconvenience [12 Jul 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Houston. I think we have a problem.

haha not really I just felt like saying that. :-p

No but. I realized something today. And I think. I kinda. Maybe. Might like Jaime. You know. The one that works with me. Johns friend.

That's not even why it's a problem. Did I ever mention that he's like.... married. And has kids. Heh... it's ok though, cause it's not like i'd ever do anything about it. I'm not THAT much of a whore.

I dunno I just like always get all excited to see him, andddd I love him, cause he's sooo funny. And he's not like hot or anything at all. It's pretty much just the funny thing. :-/

Oh well. Sucks for me.

Still didn't get my fuckin purse back, so i've been driving around for 2 days with no license. THANKS TRAVIS.

What a douche bag. He has no reason to be mad anyway. EKJHVLKJELKELKE. I tell him like everyday that we're just friends, and I don't like him. And he just doesn't seem to get the point.

I think he thinks that it's like we like eachother but won't admit it kinda thing. No I know he thinks that, caues he told me that the other day. I'm like ...no.. maybe that's just you.

Sigh. I don't know. I just don't know.

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awkward silence [11 Jul 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

the sad part is.. i'm not really ashamed of what I did.

Remember that kid Jamar? I made out with a while ago at Travis's house? Yeah I had sex with him last night............ and this morning.

I wish people would not sit RIGHT behind me.

I'll finish this later.


Ok. Ahem.

Soooo last night I was bored out of my MIND. So I was like calling random people, and I realized I had no friends. So that's cool. So then I called Travis, and I was just telling him I was bored or whatever, and he's like oh, i'll stop by in a little while. So i'm like that's cool. At least I found SOMEONE who will hang out with me.

Thennn we ended up going to Jamars house, and it was just the 3 of us. I like already saw it coming, Travis being mad at me by the end of the day. lol.

So of course, you know. I got realllyyy freakin drunk. And then we went swimming. And I kinda messed around with Travis a little in the pool. :-/ Cause I knew I wanted to like make out with Jamar, but I didn't want him to get jealous. So i'm like if i do stuff with him tooo....


ahem. Anyway. I'm kinda blanking on most of that part, but I remember Travis went inside for some reason, and me and Jamar were sitting on his picnic table thing, anddd we were making out. And aw he's like... this brings back memories. haaa. I'm like aw you remember. He's like of course i remember... <3

Thennnnnnn we went inside and me and Jamar were like on his bed, and Travis was on his couch, and we were messing around on the bed. haaa. So then Travis is like yeahh i'm gonna get going. Jamars like all right. Travis is like Danielle i'm leaving. I'm like ok...? So he just leaves me there.

So Jamars like ..do you wanna stay? I'm like ummm do I have a choice..?? He just left me here. But he's like well i have a car. I'm like oh... cause I didn't know cause he didn't used to. He's like so do you wanna stay? I'm like yeah..

So um yeah. You know what comes next. :-/

And then again... at like dawn. lol.

Only bad thing. I left my purse and stuff in Travis's car, anddd he won't answer my calls, and I kinda REALLY need that, cause there's important stuff in there like... MONEY, and.. my LICENSE.

Not fuckin good. I left him a message and i'm gonna leave another one. I neeed my purse/

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skankysluttydirtywhore? [09 Jul 2004|10:15pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Maybe they should call ME crackwhore instead.

Actually no. I'm too fat to be on crack. So just whore will do.

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[04 Jul 2004|11:48am]
[ mood | complacent ]

JAY KAY! It's not absulut vodka, it's Smiirrrnoff vodka. I shoulda known, Smirnoff is the best brand ever.

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MMM [03 Jul 2004|12:52pm]
Absolut vodka Apple Twist flavor, is like the best alcohol ever! Cause it's really really strong, cause my uncle never lets me get unstrong girly drinks, but it still tastes sooooo good. It tastes like Sour Apple blow pops.

I almost made a bad decision, and went to some party in Philly with crackwhore. But I didn't! I hear party and i'm like yeahhh... but then. See bad things always end up happening at random parties where I don't know anyone. And i've been realllyyy good about that stuff lately. But that was cause of John, and now... I dunno he conveniently stopped calling me, and I called him once, and his sister said he'd call me back in a minute. HAHAHAHA. Right. So I was gonna do it, but I called her back and said no. Aren't you proud???

You should be. I'm prob goin to a clubbb tonight anyway. With my uncle and some Enriqueeeee guy.

I gotta go play with fireworks.
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